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Cookie policy

To make full use of the online shopping and personalised features of the Padem Furniture Shop website ( ) on your laptop, computer, tablet or mobile phone you will be asked to accept cookies.

The purpose of our cookie policy is to outline how we use cookies and how our website processes, stores and protects user data and information and how you can manage your use of certain cookies.

For more information on how Padem Furniture Shop processes and protects your data please also refer to our Privacy Policy.

What is a cookie?

Cookies are small text files which track, save and store information. When you visit some web pages and there are interactions, information on these is saved on your personal computer or mobile or handheld device (this could be a smart phone or tablet). Cookies do not store personal information and do not harm your computer, mobile phone or device.

How do we use cookies?

We use cookies to distinguish you from other users of our Website. This helps us to provide you with a good experience when you browse our Website and also allows us to improve our Website and tailor your browsing experience.

However, you will be given the option to allow or disallow the use of selected cookies when you visit the Website.

We collect information we feel is essential for you to use our Website efficiently and to improve services for you, for example:

1. for technical purposes necessary for the operation of the Website; 2. to allow a service to recognise your device – this means you don’t have to repeatedly provide the same information during a task; 3. to measure the number of people using our Website, to make sure there enough capacity for the Website to operate at speed; 4. to complete and support of current activity being undertaken by the user, for example previously viewed pages or products; 5. to monitor campaign success, for example promotions or competitions; 6. to support website and system administration, for example, tracking the number of website users for marketing purposes; 7. to remember pages viewed; 8. to monitor your journey around the website so that we can improve navigation and ease of access to popular pages; and 9. to remember items saved to your basket on a previous visit to the Website, including where the browser has been closed and a new session has begun. 10. to remarket to you in the form of digital advertising to show you different products and services based on what you have expressed an interest in. Additionally, this information is combined with data from other internet users to create audience profiles consisting of particular interests and characteristics. These audience profiles are used by our online advertisers including social media to serve you adverts relevant to you and our interests.

Managing cookies

If you’re not keen for your personal computer to accept cookies, or simply want to delete any existing cookies, please refer to the information below for disabling cookies for the latest versions of the most commonly used browsers. Please note, when you manage your cookies on your computer, this will vary from a tablet or a mobile phone, so you may need to apply the changes across all devices, separately. Please note, by default, browsers on mobile devices are set up to accept cookies.

You should also set your device to reject cookies but this will not prevent all tracking.

How to disable cookies on Android Internet browsers

– Open the browser. Go to Menu > Settings > Privacy & Security. Or go to Menu > More > Settings and find ‘privacy settings’. Disable ‘Accept cookies’.

How to disable cookies in Chrome for Android

– Open Chrome. Go to Menu > Site Settings > Cookies. Disable ‘cookies’.

How to disable cookies in Safari for Apple devices (mobile/tablet)

– Go to Settings > Safari. Under the ‘Privacy & Security’ section, ensure ‘block all cookies’ is turned off to disable cookies. Additionally, you may want to ensure that ‘Ask Websites Not to Track Me’ is selected as well.

How to disable cookies in Microsoft Edge for Window 10 mobile+

– Open Edge. Go to More. Select Settings > View advanced settings. Select ‘block cookies’ option.

For all other browsers or for more information and guidance on cookies and how you can manage your browser settings can be found by accessing the following links: cookies

If you use your browser settings to block all cookies (including essential cookies) you may not be able to access all parts of our Website and your browsing experience will change – it may become less interactive, less personal to you, contain more error messages and certain sections may not work at all.

Each new user to the website will be presented with a cookie notice that gives you the opportunity to continue to use the website and accept cookies on your first visit.

You can use the Network Advertising Initiative to opt out of cookies that are set for remarketing purposes. You can opt out of Google Analytics for Display advertising and customer Google Display Network ads using the link below.

Types of cookies used

Our Website uses the following types of cookie (each cookie is unique with its own specific lifetime):
1. First Party Session cookies – these short lifetime cookies are set directly by us and may only last until you close your browser. They allow our Website to link your actions during a browser session so we can store certain information while you are browsing the website.
2. First Party Persistent cookies – these cookies have a longer lifetime. They are set directly by us and enable our Website to recognise you when you return to us. They are stored on your device in between browser sessions and allow your preferences or actions across our site (or in some cases across different websites) to be remembered.
3. Third Party cookies – Third party cookies are not set by Furniture Village but are instead set by a third party. Online advertising is a common example where third party cookies are used.

List of cookies that we use

The following is a list of cookies that we frequently use. From time to time we may use other cookies on an ad-hoc basis and we may update the following list as we update our processes.

Padem Furniture Shop cookies

Cookie nameCookie purpose
Dwsid (session)
dwsecuretoken_XXXXX (session)
dwanonymous_XXXXX (179 days)
dwpersonalization_XXXXX (179 days)
dwac_XXXXX (session)
dw (session)
dw_cookies_accepted (session)
dw_dnt (session)
fvCookiesBar (29 days)
fvVoucherPopUp (6 days)
_cfduid (1 year)
xxxxx.gif (session)
jsessionid (1 year)
cookieconsent (1 year)
cq_dnt (session)
__cq_seg | 29 days
__cq_uuid (1 year)
cq.viewCategory (session)
cq.viewReco (session)
cqcid (session)
uuid(1 year)
Allowing our web servers to respond to your actions for example log-in, add to basket, registration and browsing. Remembering search settings, showing recently visited pages and products. Providing security. Displaying personalised or relevant content such as browsing, registration & log-in, add to basket and to remember your data across different pages on the website. Remembering your search settings and showing you products/pages that you have recently visited. Determining whether to show the cookie statement bar along with promotional pop-up content. Enabling automated learning on the website using anonymous customer data. These cookies help to provide security using the website, identify trusted traffic and display relevant and sometimes personalised content. Stores the user cookie consent connected to ‘do not track’. Collecting visitor data. Including new and existing visitors, number of visitors, whether computers or people. Tracking visitor information such as previously visited websites and websites visited within a session and referring pages. Visitor country information so that specific country content can be served where appropriate.These cookies are vital to the operation of the Website and last a length of time between a single session duration and 1 year.
_gat (session)
_ga (2 years)
_dc_gtm_UA-# (session)
_gid (session)
collect (session)
Enabling the function of Google Analytics software. Google Analytics helps in the collection and analysis of visitor information on our website such as browser usage, device, new visitor numbers, response to marketing activity, shopping times and purchase behaviour including order number. That information helps us to improve both the website and your shopping experience. It also helps us to make sure that our marketing is relevant to you and other users. Involves the creation of a unique ID that is used to generate statistical data and track users across devices and marketing channels. Data stored by these cookies and within Google Analytics can be seen by the relevant teams at Padem Furniture, Google and approved Padem Furniture suppliers. This cookie doesn’t show any confidential information and will not store, save or collect any personal information. The webstore order ID is stored in Google Analytics to enable us to undertake analysis at an aggregate level. For more information, you can find Google’s full privacy policy here: to the Managing cookies section for more details of opting-out of Google Analytics tracking.
_g_geoStoring of location using Country, IP address, longitude and latitude values. Applying ‘do not track’ at browser level does not apply to these cookies and consequently, these cannot be excluded.
_bmdc_s (session)
_bmdc_d (365 days)
Allows our provider Bright Analytics to identify a user session to connect user activity conducted within that session and to identify a device using the website and to connect user activity across multiple sessions from the same device via a random number that expires. No personal data is stored and enable Bright Analytics to validate analytical data and provide bespoke dashboards.
__bmdc_ch (session)In conjunction with Google Analytics this allows us to capture the most recent marketing channel source to improve the efficiency of our marketing. No personal data is stored.
V1v4 S2sv4 (12 months),
s2ibhv4 (12 months)
Allows our provider, Sub2 to identify your browser and capture information about you (including your email address) and your use of our website which is then used by Sub2 and other third parties (e.g. Adestra) for the purpose of providing personalised marketing communications, including emails relevant to customer’s interest. Your email address is the only personal data provided to Sub2.You can find out more about these cookies and the opt-out details at:

Third party cookies

Cookie nameCookie purpose
DoubleClickDoubleClick is a technology business owned by Google that delivers online advertising for Padem Furniture and enables us to tailor advertising which is most relevant to you.

We use DoubleClick Adserving technology to deliver online advertising and for Tag Management along with Google Tag Manager for marketing purposes. When an advert is delivered on a website page or in an app, DoubleClick drops a cookie that records aspects of your behaviour on the website or within the app i.e. the time and ate you saw an advert. What browser, website or app you were on. Also, because IP address is recorded it can make a good guess on the country, region, town/city you viewed the ad from. DoubleClick cookies do not include personal data other than the actual digital cookie id. These cookies will be used to identify a Visitor for the audience creation and profiling and the Tag management system.

We may advertise on 3rd party websites and cookies are used to help us and our advertisers to see which websites you visit and the advertisements you click on and interact with for the purpose of measuring the efficiency of marketing. Each advertiser uses its own tracking cookies and the data taken is not transferable.
Affiliate Window
Padem Furniture advertises on 3rd party websites and affiliates. These cookies allow us, and our advertisers/affiliates, to see which advertisements you click on and interact with. This helps us to determine which of our advertisements are most effective and also which are not relevant to your needs and interests. This data is mainly anonymous with the exception of partially anonymised data in the form of order number and email address that is shared with Affiliate Window to evaluate the effectiveness of our media spend and in the case of affiliates reward affiliates. Individual affiliates may use their own individual tracking cookies and the data taken is not confidential or interchangeable.For more information, you can find Affiliate Window’s full privacy policy here:
Google MapsThe Padem Furniture website displays maps using Google maps. These particular cookies provided by Google, capture visitor preferences when viewing pages with Google maps. This information helps to tailor the functionality, allows Google Maps to functionally operate ad improve the experience for our customers.
LiveChatAllows Live Chat integration with the Padem Furniture website and thereby enable our customer service team to answer any queries that you may have using the Live Chat text chat interface from the website. Blocking or disabling these cookies may limit or prevent you from receiving assistance via the Live Chat tool. These cookies allow to hide any customer specific customisation of LiveChat, remembers when a customer last used LiveChat.
HotJarThis allows Padem Furniture to study and analyse customer journeys by analysing customer activity on a page to improve the website customer experience using the Hotjar tool. These cookies do not include personal data other than the actual digital cookie id.
AdestraAdestra is an email management service. Padem Furniture uses Adestra to send our customers news and updates by email, which customers often sign up for. These particular cookies let us see which emails, content and links you have read or clicked on, and what you have bought as a result of our email campaigns. We can then determine which emails are the most relevant to and useful for shoppers and which of our campaigns are most effective. Padem Furniture use Adestra to contact you via email if you have added products to your Shopping Basket whilst shopping on our website, these cookies enable this by providing relevant information to Adestra including email address, name and product codes browsed whilst visiting the website. Refer to the Adestra privacy policy.
LotameLotame is a Data Management Platform. It helps us collect and organise information from a variety of sources, including websites, mobile applications and online advertising campaigns. We use this to better engage consumers based on their interests. Interest based advertising is the practice of delivering relevant content and advertising to people based on their interests, activities, and behaviours. Lotame cookies contain non-personally identifiable information. This helps serve targeted content to users across devices and improve the effectiveness of online advertising.
Online advertising cookies
Facebook exchange
Facebook Custom Audience
The purpose of our online advertising is to provide you with relevant products, based on the sort of products you are viewing on our Website or those of our products that you view through our advertising agencies/networks on other selected websites. Allows the collection of data that registers user actions from a website such as the IP address, geographical location, websites visited, what ads the user has clicked on, number of visits, average time spent onsite, pages viewed and may recognise users on returning visits to gather statistical data to segment/profile users according to factors such as location, demographics and websites visited to target content and advertising based on website behaviour.
Examples of these advertisers include DoubleClick for Search for paid advertising or search engines, DoubleClick Bid Manager for banner advertising, Bing, Skimresources, Google Adwords, social media websites (Pinterest, Instagram, YouTube, Twitter, Facebook), Guardian, Amazon and Affiliate Window.
3rd party advertising technology providers include: admedo, bidswitch, bluekai, stackadapt,, AGKN, v12group, crwdcntrl, ricdn and admaxim.

The adverts you see may draw your attention to alternative colours and styles or products from other product categories or offers relevant to your browsing history or that are personalised based on target segments. The technology behind these adverts depends on cookies and device IDs. We may share the data collected by each of the types of cookies described in this privacy policy with third party service providers who serve ads on our behalf. For information on how you can block third party cookies used for this purpose, see How do we use cookies? section.

Other cookies may be stored to your computer’s hard drive by external vendors when our website uses referral programs, sponsored links or adverts. These cookies are used for conversion and referral tracking however most expire after 30 days, though some may take longer. This data is mainly anonymous with the exception of partially anonymised data in the form of order number shared with Google to evaluate the effectiveness of our media spend. Please remember, your personal information is not stored, saved or collected.

Audience related cookies are used by third party advertisers such as Google to re-engage users that are likely to convert to customers based on the user’s behaviour across websites. For selected networks, cookies may store the user cookie consent.
MonetateWebsite optimisation and testing. We continually work to improve our website by testing new and improved layouts and experiences using Monetate. This tool allows us to control which experience you see at any given time.
AmplienceAmplience is used to provide content hosting and interactive publishing services on the website.
Share toolsShare tools: We offer the functionality to share Furniture Village content with friends and family on social networks including Facebook, Pinterest, Google+, Instagram, YouTube, Snpchap and Twitter, using social sharing tools from Addthis and Sharethis. These cookies may create a unique ID to enable content to be shared across social media networks. They allow for customer engagement on social media platforms and to evaluate the effectiveness of the social share icons.

Please note, that these social media websites may send cookies which we do not control. Please check the social media websites for more information about their cookies and refer to the Manage cookies section. Most of these cookies (excluding ones provided by Pinterest), will not activate ‘do not track’ at browser level does not apply to these cookies and consequently, these cannot be excluded.
InstagramAllows us to feature content from Instagram on the website and helps provide security.
Sub2We work with Sub2 Technologies Limited (“Sub2”) in order to maximise website user engagement. Data from these cookies is used to identify when you take certain actions on a website.
For further details on the cookies that we use with Sub2’s assistance, please click here.